Nigeria has nothing on Trump America

Corruption has become a byword for Nigeria. Elected and public officers just help themselves to public funds. They award government contracts without any intent to executing the contract, it’s just a pretext to channel public funds into private hands.

America with its holier than thy history and well developed rule of law on many occasions lay claim to being clean and seem to be clean.

Now Trump and his clan have arrived and they intend to rub the country blind. They have class and can show Nigeria how it’s meant to done. Not some crass direct stealing as they habitually want to do in Nigeria.

Trump and his clan renamed the process of state theft and called tax reform. They abolish inheritance tax, so vest wealth remains in the same families forever. Then they reduced taxes for themselves, friends and kin, they oblige the state to borrow to enable grand theft from the state, that’s called the deficit.

They have always done stealing in style, bribery is given a classy term, lobbying, pork, campaign contributions and donations to your charity.

And while at it, you spit on the poor and their health care, they need to die and die quickly.

Trump on the basis of this tax will leave the Oval Office vastly more richer than he came. The possible hold out, Bob Croaker as given a bung of real estate tax relief and suddenly, his principle of fiscal hawk became an academic exercise for him.

These are thieves stealing openly in daylight without regard to both the American people and law. Trump and his cohorts should run a seminar through his Trump university in Nigeria and teach our own thieves how it’s done.


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