Where to go PDP

PDP should metamorphosis into New PDP. Power is the only cement which hold the party together therefore it’s only claim to existence must be the pursuit and retaining of power. 

From 1999 to 2015, it had power and was the biggest political party in Africa. It lost power and it’s the smallest opposition party in Africa. Since power is the only glue that can hold the party together it must reinvent itself. It must become the party of the common man, a crusader against corruption, an efficient administrator of resources, against sectional and religious polities. It must be all it was not. 

It must paint and expose the APC government as a bunch of fair weather friends, sectional and seasonal interests party. It must expose within its ranks the corruptible, it knows all of them they were formally within its ranks or in allegiance with them (Tinubu). It knows where all the dead bodies are buried, this is a chance to be like Caesar’s wife, be above board and be seen to be above board. 

The charlatans who left and now form the vanguard of the APC should be made to be the face of APC. When Nigerians see APC they should see discredited former PDP henchmen. 

PDP should get the brightest and best men and women as its evidence of rebirth. They should expose the APC as merely promising just for promise sake. They should dog the APC with all of their unattainable promises. They must produce the Chibouk girls immediately as they promised and end Boko Haram within 30 days from the announcement of the elections. Naira must be at par with the U.S. Dollar within 60 days of winning the elections. Heavens will fall on them if free education and medical care is not provided for all Nigerians within their first budget. All hospital must be fully functional and not mere dispensing premises. Every APC member who goes abroad must be exposed as getting for themselves what they have promised and failed to deliver for Nigerians.

At the same time blame APC for all the ills which will befall Nigeria. If GMB makes any military type order or statements like with immediate effect, question his commitment to democratic principles. Always use General to address him especially with foreign press, giving the impression that he is like General Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisiof Egypt. A military man in Civilian cloths with no business in the biggest democracy in Africa.

Tinubu is the soft underbelly of GMB, make him the defacto leader of Nigeria. Create distrust between Tinubu and GMB. Tinubu has ego and wants to be known to have midwifed APC to government, use that ego, credit him with all that is good and evil to GMB. He will claim the credit. Tie OBJ as the puppet master of Tinubu or something, he is so discredited that people will believe it. 

At every turn take legal action against the APC that will rattle them. They will make mistakes. They are bound to, that what we do as Nigerians but make it an APC problem. Let Nigerians believe they never had so good under old PDP and allows refer to pass actions to an old PDP. 

Make somebody from the South West to be the leader of the New PDP. Break the grip of Tinubu on the South West. Placate the middle Belt, turn Kwara and Kogi state against the Saraki’s. What have they got to show for the vice grip of these states. Do not tie the futures of the New PDP to any oligarch. If fact burn the witches on the stake to show how repent the New PDP is. Publicly expel OBJ, FKK, Bode George, David Mark and their types. They are finished and have no destructive power or creative power, old PDP still lost with some of them within its rank. Bode George can not catch a cold in Lagos. Under David Mark’s watch old PDP lost Benue. Expelling them will give kudos to the New PDP. 

Plan for government, aim for government, walk, run, whatever just get to government. New PDP will be like New Labour or Obama democrats. There is no point being in politics if not in government putting your service for the betterment of the people.


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