PDP and anti corruption drive of APC

It’s not in our national interest for the PDP to die. This government needs to have its feet held to fire for the good governance of the country. The country must be provided an alternative route to development. The country is too complex and big to have a single narrative. All parts of the country must be represented in our national dialogue. The government of the day can not take steps to decapitate PDP under whatever guise. While there must not be no go areas for law enforcement, particular care needs to be taken in the political sphere. 
PDP has no right to survive unless and until it reforms itself. Anybody who has had their fingers in the cookie jar during the last and or previous PDP administrations must step aside to save the party. The party must devoid itself of those who by their selfish actions brought disrepute to the party. They should be expelled from the party. The party must be seen to be driving the anti corruption drive with in house clear out while also holding the government of disguised thieves to account. The disclosure that the current transport minister used N83M to host a private citizen’s birthday should be shouted from the hilltop. The revelation that the super minister used N73M for his private website should not be whispered but put on an announcement loop. The daughter of the self righteous president daughter spending $1000 on a shoe must not reside in social media but every villager should be so aware. While APC is pointing it’s stained fingers at PDP, PDP should point out the stark hypocrisy of a Tinubu led party. Anytime PMB opens his mouth, PDP should ask what happened to the missing NNPC$2.8B during his stewardship of NNPC. 
It’s a good start that people like Nwobodo are leaving to APC, tie him to APC and all his past misdeeds now belong to APC. Let it be known that it’s good riddance to bad rubbish for people like Nwobodo to leave and go to their natural home of APC. 
Promote Rabidu as chair of the BOT, produce alternative economic recovery program. Finally rename PDP to New PDP.

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