Was Trump’s Trip to Europe a Total Disaster?




2 Replies to “Was Trump’s Trip to Europe a Total Disaster?”

  1. Is Mr. Adesanmi Serious? Seriously, because of Democracy (Western democracy) we should completely disregard our African Culture? In Africa, we respect our elders; sick or not. Especially when they’re sick; period.lf Mr. Adesanmi’s father is our president & sick, Pius Adesanmi will be the one standing at the gate to the presidential Villa & telling the press to back off. Should I rest my case here or not?
    Seriously, we want to know how much we have paid thou far; so that we can say ….. “We have already paid too much. Therefore, you are now on your own; Mr. President.” Are you with me? If Mr. Pius Adesanmi has plenty of time; nothing else to do, please continue to do those things you recommended for us; while we wait for the result of your effort.

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    1. Western democratic values are not alien to African value or culture. Ones personal relationships ought not play a role in public affairs. If Mr Adesanmi’s father is ill and he acts in a any particular way is a matter for that family. On the hand, where you seek and obtain public vote to be head of government, you become accountable to the electorate not as your members of your family. It’s important that our leaders learn to be accountable. This is not against cultural, religious values but of a democratic process. The constitution of Nigeria obliges the president to inform the congress when he is temporarily vacating office. Commonsense would have obliged the reasons for his vacation if for health a detailed medical assessment. How else can the congress consider if the president is fit for office.
      The fact you do not get an answer does not prevent the questions. One day for the owner as they say. One day our democracy will mature to the extent that such enquiries will be the norm as it is in your current country.


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