Where do we go from here. UK general election 

In 1931 at the start of the European troubles and the future of the U.K was at peril, all the major parties of the UK came together to form a national government to protect the national interests of the nation. 

In 2016 we took mob action and cut our noses to spite our faces in voting to leave the EU and that decision placed our national interests in peril. 

We now have an election which further muddles the water and furthers our national peril. We unlike our ancestors in 1930s we do not have a dependable partner in the US. If you have Trump on your side, you have nobody on your side. 

During the last parliament there was an inbuilt majority against Brexit hence the attitude of Mrs May in seeking to forestall the parliament from taking decisions on the Brexit matter and only the intervention of the Supreme Court to close that option and remind the government that the UK is a parliamentary democracy not a direct democracy. 

Mrs May lost her bid to ironcast Brexit in a manner which would have led to our economic and political demise but the people in their wisdom stepped away from the plank of Brexit by reducing Mrs May already slim majority in the House of Commons. 

The elections at the very least reintroduce our parliamentary sovereignty and means parliament will be at the driving seat. Nevertheless the current arrangement of the government relying on a bunch of Northern Irish social and political terrorists is undignified and not practical. This arrangement also introduce an additional risk we are not prepared to take, reigniting the troubles in Northern Ireland. 

We are having déjà vu all over again and we are at a similar stage of 1930s. Therefore it’s eminently sensible to use the same remedy of having a national government to protect the national interests. 

Our interests is bound in our union with and in the European Union. We must take steps to protecting these interests and a united parliament must take the lead and for that a national government may just be the solution as it was during WW2. 


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