Rich, poor and American

Kentucky is a poor state and the biggest beneficiaries of extended Medicaid occasioned by Obamacare. However, these ingrates keep voting for Mitch McConnell to the US Senate. Mitch is the senate majority leader and responsible for seeking a bill that will gut and repeal Obamacare. The biggest losers would be his voters in Kentucky. Mitch is not on a political suicide mission and he knows it. He knows his people would consistently vote against their own interest and that’s reflective of the American people. 

They get pleasure from their pain. That’s why the President could speak his inner thoughts openly, he would not appoint poor people to his cabinet. And majority of his supporters are poor and never hope to have anybody like them in their president’s cabinet. 

The only logical explanation is that Americans are an aspirational people who define themselves as what they hope to become rather than their current station. If their healthcare is endangered to provide possible tax cuts for when they become rich so be it. They are happy not to be represented today in cabinet but hopefully for when they become rich. The GOP has mastered the act of creating the illusion of the possibility of getting and or reaching that goal of being a beneficiary of tax cuts and be in cabinet. The Chinese used to say religion was the opium of the people, negate your sorry state on earth for life ever after in heaven. The Americans now have their aspirations as their opium, forget your sorry current state for when you become rich. 

The joke now is that wealth is now more generational than created. You are now more likely to be static rich as wealth is now more or less likely to be inherited than created. The first tax proposed by rich cabinet of Trump administration is to cut inheritance tax paid for by removing healthcare benefits. Trump is the evidence of inherited wealth without the necessary humanity to go with it and makes him believe he is entitled as his children. 

This is un-American. 


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