Is Trump to the left and sane what Bill Clinton was to the far right and Republicans. 

Trump and Bill are of the same age group and are friends till now.

Bill Clinton was the governor of a small state with no rich or known background. His appearance to the national scene was a surprise. During his campaign for the Democratic Party ticket, all the candidates including Clinton were described as the run of the political dwarfs. The spotlight which was shone on him, given the moral compass in the late 1980s and early 1990s scandalous.

He had had multiple affairs and Jennifer Flowers was the leading lady of the pack of women who alleged that Bill was their consort. Even after he won the elections, the arrival of the Clintons into Washington was regarded by the gentry Republicans as vagabonds and hillbillies coming to town. They wore jeans and T-shirts, generally young and reduced the tone as set by old monied gentlemen of the likes of George H. Bush. The old country club members who had clean and discreet affairs and with cultured ladies. Unlike Bill, whose women were of the hillbillies type, who chewed gum while talking, had big hairs and had no class and happy to sing from the hilltop about their affairs with Bill.

Bill came into town to represent the unclothed and poor people including minorities. That attitude of the Republicans set the ground for the ultimate impeachment of Bill Clinton while he soiled the office of the president with Monica Lewinsky.

However in spite of the above background, the left and centre kept faith with Bill Clinton as they were able to look into their larger picture of the end justifying the means of Bill Clinton. He delivered economic boom, restructured social security and general peace both home and abroad.

Trump is an odious man and has always been so. He is deadbeat rich man. He is a sexual predator and all other adjectives to describe an evil man. He was a media personality and a catchphrase, you are fired. He was political as gave campaign money to politicians to further his business. He sought notoriety by claiming falsely that President Obama was not an American citizen.

He sought power on the wings of the middle America, rust belt states, poor and resentful white working class. He speaks to all of their inner demons and he lives the life they wish they had. And being able to get away with it as Trump as done all his life.

The stench of Trump is as strong to the left and centre as Bill was to the right in the their political and moral climate. Both are flawed in their own ways and have engineered a rise to the top of power in America with gnashing of teeth of those who oppose them.

Trump will be impeached given his actions and behaviour no doubt and that will compete the Bill and Trump comparisons.

The right and far right have kept faith with Trump and see the end of their bigger picture and the means of Trump. Trump wants to reduce the state, by reducing taxes to the state. He wants to destroy the consensus that has built the nation. He want to make white folks feel like the masters of their universe and over all they survey. They clamour to a period of their imagination when these were real. To that extent, Trump will have their support.

I am of the strong opinion now that given this comparison, Trump will see out his term(s) but be less successful than Bill but would have contributed to the moral decay of their country by their highly flawed characters.


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