The Inspector General of Police, IGP, Mr. Ibrahim Idris does not know that kidnapping is a capital offence with death sentence in Lagos, where Evan was arrested and should be prosecuted. Yet he calls for capital punishment for kidnapping 

IGP explains why kidnapper Evans did not invest in Nigeria and seeks death sentence for him

The Inspector General of Police, IGP, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, on Friday, advocated for the imposition of death sentence on convicted kidnappers.
The IGP who spoke at a dialogue session he held with Civil Society Organisations, CSOs, under the umbrella of Situation Room, in Abuja, said the case of recently apprehended billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudidumeme Onuamadike a.k.a Evans, should be used to set an example to youths on risk inherent in such criminal venture.
He lamented that Evans “has changed the face of kidnapping in this country”, saying the fact that he collected $1million ransom on six different occasions, was enough to lure some youths into the illegal business. 
Therefore, the police boss said there was urgent need to review existing laws on kidnapping with a view to ensuring stiffer punishment for the perpetrators. He disclosed that a total of 2000 kidnap suspects are currently in police custody, insisting that the least sanction for kidnappers should be life imprisonment. 
Highlighting ignorance and illiteracy as factors behind rising cases of kidnapping in the country, the IGP said there were instances where some suspects said they would want to be paraded before the press so they could go home. 
“Some of these local people don’t really understand, they see people being paraded on TV after arrest and think that is just where it ended.
“Kidnapping obviously has become a very major challenge for us in this country. However, I am happy to state that in virtually over 80 percent of cases reported to the police, the suspects were arrested.
“Imagine the case at hand, talking about Evans. He told his boys not to have landed property in either Anambra or Imo because he was aware the houses will be demolished and the boys ostracized if caught.
“He refused to own any property in his place. You know, in that part of the country, even in churches, relatives of kidnap suspects are avoided and treated as outcasts by people. 
“That was why he refused to invest in his own state and preferred to build houses in Ghana and other places. This was because he knew his Investments would be lost. 
So the issue of punishment is very important. “Evans has undoubtedly changed the face of kidnapping in this country, if you see his magnification mansions in Ghana. 
“You can see why our youths have taken this way to easy life. That is why we have to up the risk. 
If you engage in kidnapping the punishment should be death or life imprisonment. This will serve as deterrent to youths that may wish to engage in the crime”.
Nevertheless, the IGP called for more funding for the police to enable it acquire more Helicopters, patrol vans and communication gadgets. 
“The funding of the police is very important because we need to buy many equipment to be on ground. If we can have all these, I am assuring you that we are going to give these bad boys a very nasty time.”


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