God Created the Nigerian in 7 DaysBy Pius Adesanmi

A married man who served two terms as state governor and has since been in the Senate and is one of the “leaders of Nigeria” is caught in a sexual romp in a hotel.
Even that has degenerated into ethnic and religious warfare, underwritten by cultural alibis.
No way to say: what is wrong is wrong; what is bad is bad. Things are never that straightforward in Nigeria.
I have told you times without number here that whenever a Nigerian says, “it is our culture”, run away from him as fast as you can. He could be rationalizing or justifying genocide and hiding behind culture.
I have also recently said that Nigeria is a paradise you shouldn’t think of quitting because you will find no other paradise on earth where your outrage immediately earns you a broad confederacy of defenders, explainers, understanders, rationalizers, and justifiers of whatever outrage you inflict on our collective space of agency.
Dasuki found his own rationalizers

Apostle Suleman found his own rationalizers

Evans found his own rationalizers
The Senator has found his own rationalizers.
By the time this news cycle is over tomorrow, these rationalizers will move on to other issues. They will lament the dearth of qualitative leadership in Nigeria. They will grumble that our youth today have no credible role models to look up to. There will be no trace of irony in their updates. There will be zero sense of awareness. 
They will show no sign of remembering the arguments they marshaled in favour of the Senator’s libido less than 24 hours earlier. They will demonstrate no awareness of the sort of leadership they were justifying, explaining, rationalizing, and tolerating for Nigeria a few hours earlier.
The only way I can explain this constitutive chaos in the self of the Nigerian is that it took God all of seven days to create the Nigerian. Each day, he forgot a crucial component part at home and had to make do with emergency Tokunbo parts originally meant for other projects. You know how a Lagos mechanic can put a Honda engine in a Toyota Camry running on Mazda tires?
That is how God created the Nigerian – one unintended part per day for 7 days.
Hence the chaos…
He tried to rest on the 7th day but the Frankenstein he created discovered religion and has been screaming to deny him rest ever since…


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