Edo State Government propose to privatize the state-owned Nigerian Observer newspaper and Edo Broadcasting Service (EBS) 

Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki said his administration will privatize the state-owned Nigerian Observer newspaper and Edo Broadcasting Service (EBS). His reason is that the state media outfits were not self-sustaining. This was at the annual public lecture series organized by the Correspondents’ Chapel, Edo State council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) as a reaction to a request by the State Chairman of the NUJ, Sir Roland Osakue, who urged the governor to reconsider the plan to do away with media outfits.

This is first signs of sanity resuming in the governance of the state. The government has no business in the media business. The private sector is strong enough to sustain a viable media market. 

The government has enough sycophants does not need its own media outlets to sing its praises. The government needs and requires the various critical voices of its people to be respomsive to the needs of its peoples. 

This is the first decision which I have time for and hope more like it would be made. I hope the government will now concern itself to those areas which impact more on the lives of its poor peoples. Provision of basic infrastructure like water, electricity, roads would be at the front centre of the government. Trim the government and give legal framework for the various areas the people can engage in legitimate business like transport, commodities, farming and others. 


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