Lai Mohammed Speaks On Why FG Plans To Stop Entertainers From Movie And Music Video Production Abroad


This is a crying example of letting the announcement get in the way of message. Lia  Mohammed may look like and sound like an idiot, please, don’t let that fool you, he really is an idiot.

The constitution which gives the government the power it exercises on behalf of its people also gives the people rights which can not trampled upon by the heavy hand of government. The government has the power to regulate industry but can not dictate how and where people conduct their business or how and where people consume soft products like music and movies. 

The message that the government meant to announce and did place in the footnote of its announcement was that the government will seek to encourage the only successful indegious industry, entertainment industry. It state it will encourage an enabling environment by means of tax and other fiscal measures to allow artists to grow their business in the country. 

However, as usual, Lai Mohammed got in the way of his message by the militaristic language of banning people from working abroad without regard to the law and constitution. Generally, Nigerians have freedom of movemeant. How they propose to carry out their ban, as usual failed to provide further details. The sheer incompetence is alarming. 

The growth of this industry is without the effort of the government and yet the government seek to drag defeat for the jaws of victory. 

The Entertainment industry should be encouraged to increase local content in both production and content of their art but this must not be and cannot be degreed. 

Minister of Information and Culture, Lia Mohammed, has shed more light on plans by the Federl government to stop entertainers and movie makers from shooting their jobs outside the shores of Nigeria. Last Saturday, Lai Mohammed disclosed this plan when he spoke at the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) House in Lagos.
In a recent chat with Premiumtimes, Lai Mohammed said the proposed ban would help tackle the exploitation of perceived loopholes in the Nigerian Broadcasting Code, NBC.
“The NBC code today as it stands has been exploited and not defined and that’s why movies being directed by Nigerians with Nigerian actors, actresses can be shot in South Africa and then brought back to be consumed in Nigeria. All we are saying is that we are going to amend the code in a manner that it will not be possible for you to exploit any loophole there to go and shoot outside Nigeria film, music or programs that are meant to be consumed in Nigeria”.
Speaking further, he said “It is not directed at any particular incident, every country should respect the local industry of other countries. For example, in Ghana they introduced a law today that demands visiting actors to pay a thousand dollars to the government coffers while visiting directors and producers pay 5,000 dollars. We must create an enabling environment and also generate revenue from our creative industry. The argument is simple, when you go to shoot a film offshore, you use the work force of that country to develop the capacity of that country and you improve the economy of that country and that is what we are trying to do here.”he said

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