HIRING A HOUSE HELP by Hassan Mohammed

A dual career family is having problems balancing work and family. Their small family is growing. They have 2 kids, and Madam is already pregnant. Soon, the first child will start school. They consulted an agency to help them with a very educated house help, that must be strong, above 35 years old, and "not too beautiful". The wife set all the criteria for qualification.

The agency sent 13 CVs. And attached with each CV is a photo of the candidate. The busy SHE left the selection decision of picking the most qualified with the HE. Out of 13 CVs sent to them, the husband chose this one, pictured.

Here is why:

She is 36 years old and has a diploma in Nursing from UniJos, a degree in Children Psychology from University and recently obtained an MBA from Unilag. She is good in mathematics, good with computers, a very good driver, and speaks 8 languages; 5 are Nigerian languages. She is also a good cook. She had worked as a chef with a Five Star hotel for 4 years in Calabar.

The husband wants this one. He believed he can never get a better candidate that checks all requirements boxes, and more. The wife protested. She said to him, "over my dead body". He is confused. I am too. I cannot understand. Why would any career woman reject another career woman with such rich pedigree and exceptional qualities? Why?


One Reply to “HIRING A HOUSE HELP by Hassan Mohammed”

  1. The answer is…… she has “exceptional qualities.” Meaning that….. it’s better than 80% that soon or later she will become the mistress of the house. Or she was over qualified as far as the wife is concerned.

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