Wike now brags he has CJN Onnoghen, Judiciary in his pocket – Amaechi


Wike and Amaechi are the enfant terrible of Nigerian politics. Their moral and political bankruptcy is an open wound on our political landscape.

If Amaechi want to clear his name and continue his infertile public juvenile battles with his former friend, he must resign and properly get into the gutter a place he seems more comfortable rather than the hallow hall of his office. He needs to govern rather than his public spat which give the nation a black eye.

Wike should stop being a street fighter he clearly enjoys rather than be a governor of the great Rivers state. If he has evidence against Amaechi then stop the ratting and get to the business of proving his case. He should also realise what goes around comes around and his time like Amaechi in the Government House is time limited.

The Immediate past Governor of Rivers state and current Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, has said that the current Rivers state Governor, Nyesom Wike once threatened President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration “with fire and brimstone…” and now brags to his cronies that he has the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, and the entire judiciary in his pocket whereupon he can manipulate any judgement against him (Amaechi).

Amaechi also accused Governor Wike of running an administration “that embarks on wholesale forgery and distortion of government documents and then retails it out to his minions, the media and now the judiciary in a shameful and futile bid to defame and destroy Amaechi.”

According to the minister, Wike has also been bragging that he certainly must get a conviction and judgement to nail him (Amaechi) based on forged documents, adding that the governor is basing the recent visit to the state by the CJN, to brag that Justice Onnoghen is his ‘main man.’

Wike and Amaechi

Amaechi gave the statement in a release to newsmen on Sunday through his media office.

The statement read thus:
“Rivers State governor Nyesom Wike has continued to twist, falsify and forge fresh documents that he intends to use against the immediate past governor of the state and now Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

“Wike wants to use the elaborately distorted and most times outright but carefully forged documents to persecute and prosecute his erstwhile benefactor in court. In the past couple of days, Wike has been telling anyone who cares to listen, bragging that he will certainly get a conviction, a judgement against Amaechi in the law courts on spurious charges of corruption using his forged documents because he (Wike) is in control of the judiciary at the state and national level.
“For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to state that Wike has been boasting that he has the judges in the Rivers State judiciary in his pocket, that he’s in full control and that the State judiciary would always give him any judgement he wants against Amaechi.

“Furthermore, Wike is bragging that the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) is his ‘main man’, that would readily and easily assist him get any judgement he wants against Amaechi at the apex court, using his contorted documents.

“Wike is also telling anyone who cares to listen that the Supreme Court (Justices) and judges generally are not happy with Amaechi and so they would easily convict him with any forged document he presents in court. Power drunk Wike is using the recent visit of the CJN to Rivers State as his bragging right to prove his ‘extreme’ closeness to the CJN.

“Nigerians would recall that only a few days back, Livingstone Wechie, the young man Wike used to accuse Amaechi of corruption and write false and frivolous petitions to the National Assembly, EFCC etc, confessed in a live television programme and in a statement he also circulated to the media, that all the documents he used to wrongfully portray Amaechi as corrupt when he governed Rivers State, were phonies, forged documents given to him by Wike’s Rivers State Government House.

“Wechie also admitted, like we have always said, that the forged documents were used as the template and basis for the Justice Omereji led Judicial Commission of Inquiry, a panel Wike set up early in his administration to witch-hunt, malign, vilify and persecute Amaechi.

“Sadly, this is the kind of administration that presides over the affairs of Rivers people. An administration that embarks on wholesale forgery and distortion of government documents and then retails it out to his minions, the media and now the judiciary in a shameful and futile bid to defame and destroy Amaechi. Brazenly, without any scruples, Governor Wike runs an administration that manufactures and concocts documents to indict Amaechi of corruption. Yes, this is the kind of character, a low-level conman that is at the helm of affairs in Rivers State.

“Since he became governor, Wike’s sole agenda has been to attack and vilify Rotimi Amaechi, no matter how ridiculous and silly he sounds.   Everyday in Rivers State, there is one frivolous, false story of what Amaechi did or didn’t do. Same pattern, the same blatant lies using distorted and forged documents, same old concocted stories of corruption allegations against Amaechi told with different twists.

“Nigerians will not forget in a hurry how Nyesom Wike, hurriedly called a suspicious late night press conference to lie that the over $43million found by EFCC in a luxury apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos and the apartment belongs to Amaechi.

“Wike shamelessly said that the money was part of what was stolen from Rivers State – and warehoused in the Ikoyi house – by his predecessor and current Minister for Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi.

“Not done with his concocted tales, Wike went further to threaten the President Mohammadu Buhari administration with fire and brimstone if the money is not returned to him (Wike).

“He gave the Federal Goovernment a seven-day ultimatum to return the money; otherwise, he would institute the mother of all legal actions against the Buhari government to recover the money.

“That’s the typical Wike, a lying, reckless, irresponsible and brutal forger that has become the laughing stock of his peers and the nation.”

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