SWEET MOTHER! By Hassan Mohammed

Growing up in the late 1970s, my father insist that as the first and only male child among 8 back then, I have to take after him to be a "great mechanic". I was an apprentice in his garage to the early 80s until he gave up. Plus, he had boys now.

As I learn my papa's tradecraft one very popular and oft sang song among the other older apprentices and "journeymen" was 'SWEET MOTHER' by Nico Mbraga.

Before then I thought it was a women's only song since it was the favourite song of most mamas, especially my mama and her friends and sisters. But these men will sing and sing and sing and sing.

As I grow older I realise it was actually everybody's song, in appreciation of the sacrifice and suffering of our mamas. One of them, his name is Nicodemus (I call him Nikodimo) also sing "SWEET JESUS" when he sees wonders.

Okay, let me stop my CIRCUMLOCUTION now. Seems I don't know what I'm saying.

But I love that song till today;

"Sweet mother,
I no go forget you,
for the suffer wey you suffer for me yeah,

When I dey cry my mother go carry me
She go say,
'my pickin wetin you dey cry yo yo
Stop, stop, stop stop
make you no cry again o.

When I wan sleep, my mother go pet me,
She go lie me well for bed o
She cover me cloth, l
Say, 'make you sleep,
sleep sleep my picking o.

When I dey hungry
my mother go run up and down
She find me something wen I go chop o.
Sweet mother ahaaaaa
Sweet mother ewooooh

When I dey sick
My mother go cry up and down
She go say instead make I die
Make she die o
She go beg God, 'God help me'
'God help me, my pickin o'.

If I know sleep, my mother no go sleep.
If I no chop, my mother no go chop,
She no dey tire o, sweet mother,
I no go forget the suffer wey you suffer for me yeah yeah,
Sweet mother ehehhhh,
Sweet mother ewooooh.

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