HE IS A 67 YEAR OLD FAAAA! By Hassan Mohammed

When I’m confused I engage in my usual circumlocution and rants. And today, I’m not even going to talk about politics or democracy. I’m want to talk about our culture, and especially religion related culture; not because I’m a cultural or a religious expert, but because the little I know helped me to identify and call out bullshit and bullshitters.

Any human, especially the African human, that supports attacks on a 67 year old man by 20 something year olds as he airs his views is idiotically wicked in my book, especially if a few days ago that same anyone complained about our youths mocking Baba Audu Ogbe on account of his age. Hypocrisy!

In case you ignored the combination of arithmetic and African culture. Let me see if I can remind you. 3 – 4 years from now, that man will be 70 years old. You see, if you are 47 years old or less today, this 67 year old is your father in Africa. If you are 25 years old or less, he is simply old enough to be your grandfather. So, what if the man is your father, your uncle or grandpa? Will you justify assault on him by people because of his politics?

Let me grant you this argument that he was unwise and did not think it through before going to that market, considering that our political environment is so toxic that all our decisions are influenced by our regions, religion and tribe/ethnicity.

I’ll grant you that I recognize the folly of this 67 year old going to that market. Even I will not go to that market. In fact, no Hausa or Fulani, Muslim, Northerner will dare to go anywhere near any market in the north to say anything against Baba, let alone ask that the old man resign.

Doing so is like going to a market in the Southeast and shouting “One Nigeria!” I know that Alhaji Sule Lamido, Attahiru Bafarawa and Dasuki will never go to that or any market for that matter to demand that Baba must resume or resign. Ibrahim Shekarau was hospitalized in Zaria a few years ago. He was simply cited by some people at a wedding and stones started flying. He didn’t even say anything.

We know ourselves. Haters of the current president will dare his supporters to go to a market and shout “Sai Baba” or to shout “change”. They count on the fact that people are so angry that one will be lynched. If we know that that is how most Nigerians will react, we cannot pretend to be surprised if anyone is attacked in the market.

What we can do is condemn all acts of violence against people because of their political views. We must never justify it. If those people that beat up this 67 year old at the market or in those that assault Mr. Shekarau in Zaria are uneducated/crazy, what about you? Why should you gloat or celebrating what happened to the man.

If you are really celebrating the beating and near lynching of a 67 year old person because of his or her political views, all you need is a gun or a bomb. That is all that is missing. You can kill. All you need is the tool. You need no brainwashing. If you have your way you will also want us to be beaten to stupor and lynched for our views too.

You also need another religion if you are a Muslim, because long time ago, about 1600 years ago, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said you are not from/with him. He said:

“Those who do not show mercy to our young ones and do not realize and respect the right of our elders are not from us”.

Respect for your elders, irrespective of who they are and what you feel about them is one of our fundamental Islamic ideals. It espouses that we appreciate and respect our elders, all elders; no distinction.

If that 67 year old man whose beating you are hailing should meet the man he is protesting against today, he will bow as he greets him; not because he is the President but because he is older than him. And it is just by 7 years. That is how sane and normal people roll.

Sorry, if you are a Christian I meant no disrespect. I have no historical context or anectodal example to give. And I don’t like talking about what I don’t know. I’m staying within my lines.

And those of you attacking Hausas with such words as barbaric and talking-up your people as the best because of the actions of some silly guys in a market, just know that we are not blind, deaf or dumb.

We watch and read as we lynch people for steal a pack of gum, as we ask our widows to drink water used to wash copses of their dead husbands faa! Are we not the ones that starve our children, our babies, to death because they are “winch”?

We are civilized and respect the rights of people to protest, yet a man who protest building a governor’s lodge costing N1.2 billion in another state was suspended by a religious organization for demonstrating.

We are all Nigerians and we know how barbaric and civilized we all are. We all should know that barbarity and civilized behaviour is not a preserve of any one people. We know ourselves.

End of circumlocutions and rants!

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