Tory peer says Brexit is good because young people will be able to work longer hours Samuel Osborne

Lord Harris of Peckham is estimated to be worth more than £100m Rex Features

A Tory peer has argued Brexit is a good thing because it will allow young people to work longer hours.

Lord Harris, a retail tycoon estimated to be worth more than £100m, claimed he could only employ staff for 35 hours a week under current EU laws.

However, the European Working Time Directive states employees should not be forced to work longer than 48 hours, and they can opt-out if they decide.

‘No decisive progress’ on Brexit, says EU negotiator Michel Barnier

During an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Lord Harris was asked to explain how leaving the EU would help young people.

He said: “It will give us more opportunity. It will give younger people more opportunity in this country and we won’t be controlled…”

When asked why, he replied: “Because we’ll have more freedom of laws.”

Asked what’s wrong with the current laws, Lord Harris said: “Well if you take a retailer, we can only keep our staff on for 35 hours a week, I think it is now.”

Brexit: the deciders

After admitting “we haven’t done too badly” when the presenter told him “you’ve done alright out of it,” he added: “I just feel we would be better off out of the EU.”

Lord Harris is now among the 1,000 richest people in the UK, according to The Sunday Times Rich List.


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