Mishau: I complied with police act in resigning


A serious accusation against the Inspector General of Police and the Police Service of privatisation of income from people and organisations that pay for protection.

The Police is response gave a general denial and quickly moved on the accuser.

The Police from its current action is guilty at least in its non response to the allegations. It has also overreached in attempting to restorative accusations of non retirement of a senior police officer now a senator of the Republic.

Isah Misau, chairman, senate committee on navy, on Monday said he followed the provisions of the police act and regulations in resigning from the Nigeria police force (NPF).

Misau said this in reaction to a statement by the police that he did not follow due process in exiting the force, and was therefore, a deserter.

He said rather than concentrate on the issue of corruption in the force, the police decided to embark on a “voyage of discovery’’.

“Not wanting to join issues with the incoherence of the force public relations officer, the police have always known my whereabouts since my resignation,” he said.

“Moreover, I have been in the senate for about two and half years without any mention of my desertion until my innocuous caution against practices capable of destroying the police force.

“It is beyond curiosity that the Police will be looking for someone clearly in the plain sight for these past years.

“Little wonder the proliferation of crime in the country and the police apparent cluelessness, especially under its current leadership.”

In a statement on Sunday, the police authorities said the allegations against the inspector general of police and the force were unfounded.

“Sen. Isah Hamman Misau dubiously absconded and deserted the Nigeria police force on September 24, 2010 when he was redeployed to Niger state command,” it said.

“He refused to report, consequent upon which he was queried in line with the public service rules sections 030301(b)(g)(m)&(o) and 030402(a)(b)(c)(e)&(w).

“This is in addition to the previous queries and disciplinary process he was facing when he refused to proceed on Junior Command Course (JCC) 49/2008 at Staff College, Jos, between January 5, 2009 and June 19, 2009.

“The retirement letter presented to journalists by DSP Mohammed Isa Hamman is suspiciously forged and dubiously obtained.

“The force base postings, transfers and deployment of commissioners of police, police mobile force commanders, SPU commanders and other commanding officers on merit and competence. Not on monetary, ethnic or religious consideration.”


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