Ekpoma Road and GO reaction – (video)

If only he was governor and had the resources to do something. Maybe he is a blogger whose job it is to complain. Three months ago when he became aware of the need to carry out remedial works why sit on your hands and await the Feds. The costs of the reception for the former governor could have been used for the rehabilitation of the road which he claims is vital for the economy of the state. It’s all about costs, benefit. He took the benefit of a reception for the costs of Benin Ekpoma Road.


One Reply to “Ekpoma Road and GO reaction – (video)”

  1. The road in question is Federal Government responsibility; not the state. So l think you should reconsider your view about the Auchi-Ekpoma-Benin Road Situation. I remember watching a meeting on TV between Oshiomole and Fashola (Minister of Works, Power & Housing) shortly before Governor Obaseki took over. In that press meeting, Ex-Governor Oshiomole complained publicly to the Minister about how bad that road has become. How difficult it has become for him to get to his village or town. Yet, almost a year later, the Federal Government hardly did anything about it. Shame to the Federal Government of Nigeria.
    Since that’s Federal highway, the state may not be reimbursed if they are not authorized by the Fed.

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