The statue allegedly cost N520 million to construct

I use to think that Mr. Rochas Okorocha is only incompetent as most of his 35 other colleagues. Now I know his situation is beyond that.

Of all people, he pick fellow corrupt ruler to honour. Jacob Zuma? A man whose people march the streets daily to remove him because of corruption.

A man who watch as Nigerians are killed daily in the country he preside over, but without raising a finger. What economic, political or social benefit is that bust to the people if Imo.

What is the strategy? Safe haven for loot in South Africa or what? Do they not have any cultural or historical figure deserving of a 25 meter statue?

The blood of all Nigerians, mostly Igbos they shared and are still sharing in the genocide in South Africa will answer; by the grace of God.

Ai this is just to reward by Mr Okorocha to that old man for doing nothing while Nigerians were slaughtered and robbed.

Tomorrow, somebody will shout “Nigeria is a Zoo”. or “Marginalization”. We have a problem with rogue leaders everywhere, and the only people are the poor people everywhere.

The people should bring the metal down.


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