My prayers for you and yours

I saw this prayer elsewhere and I prayed it for you too.

This is my prayer for you…that God will bless you so much, people won’t believe it and will question the sanity of those who do…because the blessing is so enormous, no one thought it was possible.

I wish you the kind of miracle that will leave people arguing if it’s true or not…because to them it’s just not possible – but then they forget that with God, nothing is impossible.

I pray that when your blessings come, people will be like ”it’s a lie jor!’ ‘How can?’ How come?” because no one saw it coming. I pray that God answers all your prayers and fulfills his promises to you. I hope he blesses you so much, even you can’t believe it!

He said ‘Ask and you shall receive’. So keep asking! Never stop asking! He’s listening…and one day, He will face you. I promise you, He will! Just never give up on Him! Or yourself!

Happy New Month

May this be the beginning of the best days of your life


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