2018 Budget and allocation for Education – Prof. Pius Adesanmi

Special Intervention Programmes aka discretionary slush fund – N150 billion.

Education – N61 billion.

A country is allocating to the entire education sector the rough equivalent of the annual library acquisitions budget of two or three average Universities in serious countries.

By the time Okorocha starts to secure foreign loans for his statues, even his annual budget for statues will surpass what Nigeria is allocating to education.

When I say that the rot in the Nigerian education sector is deliberate and purposed, people think I am joking. N61 billion is not even enough to transform Ibadan – just one University – to what the rest of the global knowledge economy world calls a University in the 21st century.

It is in the interest of Nigeria’s political elite to perpetually underfund education in order to be blessed with the mass citizenship mumuhood they have enjoyed for so long.

A time will come when other sectors of Nigerian society will understand that an undereducated citizenry is also an expensive proposition for them. They will begin to partner with us for a way out.

Dangote and Tony Elumelu have already understood this dynamic and are pouring massive funds into education.

No matter how much you tap into the global pool of cosmopolitan expertise, expatriates will never be the bulk of the staff of the Dangote Group. You will still have to hire massively from the undereducated, unuseable hordes produced by 17th-century Universities. You will still have to hire from cohorts educated just enough to serve as support chorus for the imbecilities of the political class.

They will destroy the Dangote Group if you do not invest in education…

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