Roy Moore will win in Alabama

Alabama is the backwoods of America. Roy Moore was the Chief Judge of the state and impeached twice for disobeying higher courts on both occasions and yet in that elective office, he was elected and re-elected. Roy Moore is a confirmed pedophile, he had sexual affairs with a fourteen year old in his thirties.

Now why would such a man be elected from Alabama to the US Senate.

Jeffery Sessions is the American Attorney General who held the senate seat, Roy Moore is seeking to fill. Jeffery Sessions once upon a time sought to be a federal judge and the senate rejected his nomination due to the flaw in his character of being a racist. Why such a person felt he had to feel superior to anybody beats me. See him and you will too will wonder.

Nevertheless, after his rejection, the people of Alabama felt and voted him as their senator.

These are the same people who voted for twice for disobedient judge twice for chief judge of the state and many times for a racist lawyer. And now they have to judge whether to vote for a child abuser or not. For the people of Alabama, fool me once, shame on you and fool me many times, it’s huge shame on me. And I will not be fooled by the people of Alabama. They fooled me when voted for the racist, and fooled me when they voted for the disobedient judge. Now when they vote for the child abuser woe upon them and they fool themselves.

Roy Moore as a mere detail in history it will be with scorn. And for Alabama, they will always remain in the wrong side of history as they of the present.


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