Why Trump assumed office before he assumed Office

Donald John Trump believed that a black person was not capable of being president of his country. That black person was Barack Obama who in Trumpworld was born to an African in Africa, Kenya.

The mere detail of Barack Obama’s mother being a white woman from Kansas was a fact standing in the way of a good story.

The US constitution states only native born a citizen can be elected president. That there has been other white presidential candidates, who were born outside of the US but American citizens was again a mere detail. John McCain was born in Panama, a non US territory. Even Cruz, his father is Cuban and born in Canada. Obama was born in the American state of Hawaii.

Donald John Trump’s mother was born in Scotland and not a native born but she was not running for president but her son was. The location of his mother’s birth was a mere detail.

Donald was vested in his campaign of hate against Obama. He believed that Obama not being US born as he did not produce his birth certificate on his demand was not rightfully president. The constitution as constructed in Trumpworld was that a foreign born person by his proclamation was not a legitimate president.

Donald was elected president via the electoral college and lost the majority vote by three million. From that night in November 2016 while president-elect he thought he was president and since there was a vacuum in the presidency, he assumed full office in his mind.

That is the origins of the Russian/Trump conspiracy to pervert the course of the election.

When Obama announced sanctions against Russia, he went ahead and promised them that when he got the keys to the White House, he would lift these sanctions imposed by an illegitimate president. This had two benefits, pay back the Russians and the other to impose himself on a vacancy.

Trump and his Saddam Hussain like clan clearly had and has no regard for the law. The Logan Act which enacts into Law, that private citizens, even presidents-elect not to participate in governmental diplomacy. There being one regime at a time. This dictum, as far Trump and his stormtroopers were concerned did not apply as the current post holder was illegitimate.

Uday and Qusay Trump, and Hussain’s son in law, Hussein Kamel al-Majid being Jared Kushner, all from central casting. All criminal elements on this rape of America.

When I hear an American accent defending Trump I am transported into a state of disbelief and an out of body experience. I would have been more comfortable if they had foreign accents but with Purtin talking to the Media to defend his protégée, one is at ease that this is not a Home product and America as Winston Churchill once said of America, she does all the wrong things but will always do the right thing at the end.

Trump is racist like his forebearers and there lays his hubris. His ultimate loss will be to be compared as a failure against Barack Obama.


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