Will Nigeria exit Trump’s ‘hut’ status? By Bukola Ajisola Nigerian Punch

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump recently denigrated Nigerians both at home and in the Diaspora with his snide remarks on the proclivity of Nigerians to overstay in the US beyond the period prescribed in their visa.

The US and a number of European countries have become the destination choice of millions of Nigerians who usually migrate through a series of devil-may-care methods and when they lawfully migrate, they tend fail to return to their country.

President Donald Trump made a sweeping generalisation about Nigerians, failing to acknowledge the residency of thousands of Nigerian professionals who have legal residence status in the country, whose professional inputs have contributed to the greatness of America.

On the flipside, however, President Trump’s derogatory generalisation could be perceived with some measure of factuality given the state of the Nigerian nation. I’m sure most Nigerians in the Diaspora would hardly fault Trump on his pejorative downgrade of Nigeria with derogatory epithet of inhabiting huts.

A hut is a small, single-storeyed house or shelter, a depiction of a glorified shanty.

Trump was not remiss to describe the most populous black nation as a republic of infrastructural shanties, not because he has visited any African country in his life, but rather could conjecture the gravity of underdevelopment from the slavish exodus of Nigerians into the US and many European countries coupled with the recent scandalous slave trade in Libya that put Nigeria on a spotlight of infamy.

Trump must also be aware of  the quantum of stolen Nigeria’s commonwealth domiciled in the US banks, and traceable to affluent cluster of  American real estates.

The US President is not alone in this diplomatic denigration of Nigeria, President Barack Obama’s official visits to the continent of Africa deliberately excluded Nigeria from his itinerary. Obama found it most repugnant to visit a nation laden with corruption and state-sponsored thievery.

The whole world watches Nigeria in her trajectory of reversed development that perpetually puts her citizens in a vulnerable state of refugee status.

Nigerian leaders including President Muhammadu Buhari have not grasped the depth of depravity the nation has sunk into partly because of the insensate privileges attached to their offices and partly because they approach governance with vision and mission that fail to pass the  reducible minimum in global standards.

For Nigeria to overcome this negative global image, there must be a transparent approach to governance at all levels of government.

The same resources deployed to make Dubai (UAE) what it is have been pillaged in Nigeria and nothing seems to have changed especially at the state and local government levels.


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