ECOWAS governance and the consolidation of democratic institutions

Analysis on West Africa will focus on governance and the consolidation of democratic institutions, regional cooperation and integration, the security crises in the region, and linkages and criminalized trade between countries in the Sahel and North Africa. Maritime security and development will remain a key facet of the Africa Programme’s activities, with events and research that will focus on the importance of measures to sustainably improve security and the development of the blue economy in the Gulf of Guinea.

As Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo begins his second year in office, developments in Ghana and its regional role will be tracked, as will trends in Côte d’Ivoire’s economic trajectory, and the process and outcomes of presidential elections in Mali and Sierra Leone. Amidst deepening international attention as a result of newly-discovered natural resource wealth in Mauritania, a report will analyse the country’s political economy and its regional and international ambitions.

Nigeria’s preparations for elections in 2019, the effectiveness of state governments, localized violent conflict, change towards economic diversification and Nigeria’s regional role and international influence will all feature in our 2018 research and activities.  The Africa Programme will continue its ‘Next Generation Nigeria’ event series, engaging with a broad cross-section of stakeholders who will examine the current debates around Nigeria’s federalism and governance architecture.


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