The Nigerian Press Council to be chaired by the dead


While the outcomes is funny while sad, the most disturbing aspect is the process for appointments. The individuals being appointed are not interviewed or aware that they are being considered for appointments, their letters of appointments are from the pages or sites of media outlets.

And why are the appointments two years after coming to power. Who have been running these organisations. These appointments are not scrutinised by NASS but by executive fiat.

The act of our governance must improve or we remain a promise never to be realised.

In his  largest set of appointments since assuming office President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday appointed 209 board chairmen and 1,258 board members.

Among the list of 209 Chairmen was Senator Francis Okpozo who according to the list, will be the Chairman of the Nigerian Press Council. What is however shocking is that Senator Francis Okpozo is dead.

The Second Republic Senator  died in Benin City, the Edo State capital after a brief illness on December 26th 2016 at the age of 81years. President Buhari released a statement on December 28th mourning the deceased Senator. The Senator was buried on February 17th this year.

Apart from late Senator Okposo, two more deceased persons made the list of Federal Government appointments; Rev Christopher Utov who died in March 2017 and Donald Ugbaja who died in November 2017.

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