Police IG warns against inflammatory statements on Fulani herdsmen and farmers clashes

Editorial The primary duty of the police to protect the lives and properties of its citizens not this police headed by this IGP. He is failing in his duties and seeks to blame the victims and people excising their free speech. He was ordered to relocate to Benue State but he has not. Rather he is in Abuja lunching a sorry book. If he was doing his job he will have no time to be lunching ghost written book or be overtly concerned with what others are doing. He is chasing shadows while the murderous cow men are killing at will. This is the effect of biased appointments, he is on the take and on the make. Let him resign and spend more time with his politics.

The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris has advised Nigerians to avoid making inflammatory statements and playing politics with the herders/farmers clashes to achieve genuine reconciliation.

Speaking during the launch of his book in Lagos, Idris said that the security challenges needed to be properly managed so as not to drag the country into unending crisis.

“This is the only way the country can secure genuine reconciliation among herders and farmers so that they can once again live in peace, harmony, love and avoid unnecessary loss of lives.” he said.

The police I-G said that even though President Muhammadu Buhari mandated the security agencies to arrest and prosecute offenders in the clashes, the nation needed serious conversation on the issue. “I have realised that the issue is beyond apprehension and prosecution of offenders: There has to be speedy dispensation of justice and the protection of the rights and interests of the suspects and victims of crime,” Idris said.

According to the police I-G, this is the only way people will have a sense of justice, peace and reconciliation. “It is my conviction that when there is security, justice, peace and reconciliation in any nation, civil strife can be avoided. Inter-communal harmony and reconciliation is easier when the people are convinced that the police and other security architecture can guarantee them their individual rights, security and justice,” he said.

Idris said that the public image of the police was not impressive and called on policemen to respect the rights of the people while performing their lawful duties. “While performing their constitutional duties of protection of lives and property, the police must do so within the confines of the law,” the I-G said.


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