Original Naija people abbreviations

LWKM – Laugh wan kill me

MIDG – make i dey go

WGYL – we go yarn later

IGA – I gbadun am

ICS – I can’t shout

DJM – Don’t jealous me

WBDM – Who born d maga

UDC – U de craze

NUS – Na u sabi

WSU – who send u

ITK – I too know

WDH – wetin dey happen

NDH – nutin dey happen

FMJ – free me jo

BBP – bad bele people

HUD – how u dey

WKP – waka pass

NTT – Na true talk

NDM – no dull me

IFSA – I for slap am

IGDO – I go die o

YB – Yess boss

NLT – No long thing

CWJ – carry waka jor

WBYO – wetin be your own

U2D – U 2 do

U2DV – U 2 dey vex

WSDP – who send dem papa

INS – i no send

INFS – i no fit shout

WWY – who wan yarn

NBST – no be small thing

NWO – na wah oooooo

NMA – no mind am

MIHW – make i hear word

NBL – no be lie

WD – wetin dey

UNGKM – u no go kill me…


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