Advertising body set to take action against Chafford Hundred church advert

THE ADVERTISING Standards Authority (ASA) is set to take action against an advert by a Chafford Hundred-based church.

The Rivers of Life Ministry advertised their Easter services at the Drake Road Community Church with an advert that stated the following.

“Come and Experience The Power That Raised Jesus From The Dead (Come And Receive Your Free Miracle).

“By his resurrection: The dead are raised; people with cancer recieve total healing; the HIV/AIDS receive total healing; those with difficulty in bearing children, recieve the ability to conceive and bear children.

A Thurrock resident saw the advert and complained to the ASA. After an investigation, the ASA told YT that the matter would go to their compliance unit.

A spokesperson said: “In instances where the ASA has already set a precedent through previous investigations and rulings, similar cases may be referred directly to our Compliance team to ensure that issues in the ad are dealt with quickly.

“Our Compliance team works directly with the advertiser to ensure they understand the issues with the case and to ensure that future advertising does not fall foul of the Advertising Code.

“In this case, as the ASA has investigated and upheld numerous complaints about faith healing ads similar to that in the Rivers of Life ad, we’ve referred the matter directly to the Compliance team.

“The Compliance team has a range of sanctions at their disposal, such as advising publishers and media owners to withhold ad space to non-compliant advertisers.

To read more about the actions they can take, please see this page:

“Ultimately, they are able to refer advertisers who are unwilling to cooperate to our legal backstop, Trading Standards, who can initiate statutory sanctions”.

The building is owned by Thurrock Council but they do not have any role in the day to day running of the community centre. We spoke to one member of the management team at Drake Road who expressed their concerns over the advert.

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