So, some people said you failed English and Mathematics at WASC level. They went one to present a result that shows ‘9’ in these two subjects.

You said that the result these people are presenting to the world is fake, that they altered the original copy of your result. You did not present your own original copy result.

We asked you to show your original copy to show that these mischievous people actually altered your result, you resorted insult, saying; “if you believe the result that I’ve failed you are gullible, stupid, an idiot”.

Haba Bros, which one is easier and more appropriate response? To simply show your original and shut them the clowns up or engage in profanity and throwing invective? What will the insult achieve?

Just show us the original video (Oops! Sorry, I meant your WASC result) and shut every mischievous person up. If it is doctored, it will definitely be from the original. Shut everybody up and show it.

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