Where to go Nigeria Tax or Not

While this is a show, it is serious food for thought. The IGR (internally generated revenue) the income raising efforts of Nigeria states is addressed here.

There is no market place for the states to complete for businesses to come to their state on the basis of ease of doing business. Trading and business is the capitalist solution to poverty and expanding the private sector and smaller state.

The Nigerian state is too large while too small to impact on the lives of its citizens. The wealth of the state is privatised while its debt is public. This is really food for thought and should be the political ground to fight for ideas on the way forward. But we have a centre ground of self corrupting ideology. The swamp is so thick it’s impossible to see the light. I am hoping the states may bring in light and show the federal government how to do it. Lagos and Kaduna are attempting with varied degrees of success.

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