Lagos burning including videos

A lesson that these knuckleheads in government will never learn. Your convoy of Range Rovers, Prados, & hundreds of police officers could have been on that road in Lagos today. I assume that the inferno would have respected your status as a big man and gone only for the poor?

I’ve been reading testimonies from people saying tires frequently burst at that part of the road. As a group, you, Nigeria’s political elite, are collectively the most intellectually impecunious I have encountered in 3 decades of traveling the world.

You have no imagination. No pertinent initiative. Nothing. A man may be on top of his game at Harvard. Once he returns home and joins you, his brain becomes more useless than guguru and groundnuts.

Your collective group response to Lagos will be more customized jeeps made with fire resistant material or more helicopters & private jets. Fix the roads? Ensure that extant road codes are respected? That’s rocket science. Easier to steal more money and buy better jeeps.

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