Nnamdi Kanu: IPOB leader resurfaces in Jerusalem after 1 year

Editorial Kanu was on bail when he disappeared. He has resurfaced in Israel. This is a matter for INTERPOL and the British law enforcement agencies as Kanu travels on a British passport and in breach of bail conditions from a legitimate source, the Nigerian government.

The discussions should also centre on the abject shortcoming of the Nigerian security infrastructure that a prominent bailee escaped Nigeria without much ado.

Nigerians are debating the authenticity of pictures of the IPOB leader which have flooded social media.

Nigeria’s social media is buzzing with pictures of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who’s been missing for over a year, and widely believed to be held by the Nigerian government.

Kanu has not been seen in public since an alleged attack on his father’s compound by soldiers on September 14, 2017, and has missed court appearances since then. His parents, HRH Eze Israel Kanu and Lolo Sally, have also been missing in the same period.

However, if pictures that have now surfaced on social media on Friday, October 19, 2018, are to be believed, the IPOB leader has simply been in hiding over the past one year.

In a short video that has been published by several unreliable sources on Twitter and YouTube, Kanu was spotted praying at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

Many people have also posted pictures that the IPOB leader posed in with other people, with many already speculating the reasons for his reappearance.

Nnamdi Kanu poses for a picture in Jerusalem  (Twitter/@nkebetojackson)

While many people see his reappearance as vindication of the government’s position that Kanu was running from the law, others allege that he’s likely making a reappearance to disrupt the 2019 general elections.

Kanu had previously been reported to have been spotted in Ghana with his wife, Uchechi, in February 2018, but she claimed weeks later to be unaware of his whereabouts and accused the government of illegally holding him hostage.

“Nigerian Army should tell the world what has happened to him because they were the last people who were in touch with him,” she said.

Pulse cannot independently verify the authenticity of the pictures and video as of yet as efforts to reach IPOB spokesperson, Emma Powerful, have proved abortive.

However, according to a report by The Punch, Kanu’s brother, Emmanuel, confirmed that it was him in the video that’s making the rounds on social media.

Emmanuel also told The Punch that IPOB’s deputy director, Uche Ejiofor, has also confirmed that it was Kanu in the video.

“I can confirm to you that the person in the video is Kanu. He was praying in the video that we saw. We are happy that he is still alive and we will try to establish communication with him,” he said.

Kanu’s troubles with the Nigerian government started after he was arrested by the Department of State Security (DSS) in 2015 and spent two years in custody until he was granted bail on health grounds in April 2017.

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