Reminder: Garba Shehu: Only Julius Berger can tell when Buhari will resume office – Daily Nigerian


At first only the British doctor could determine when President Buhari would resume office and return to Nigeria. Then he returns to Nigeria. Now only German engineers can determine when he will work from his office. God bless us when the Polish have anything to tell us when President Buhari has to do something.

President Muhammadu Buhari

By Mustapha Usman

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media, Garba Shehu, has revealed that only construction giants, Julius Berger, can tell when the president will resume his office.

The presidential spokesman caused global media stir when he disclosed that the president would work from his home office after damage caused by rodents during the president’s three-month absence.

Julius Berger is contracted to offer maintenance service in Mr Buhari’s office.

Asked by the BBC Hausa Service when the president would resume office, Mr Shehu said “only Julius Berger can answer that.”

He also said the president has not only one office and can discharge his duties from his other office pending the completion of the repair work.

On the rodents, Mr Shehu said those who doubted his statement on the damage done to reticulation of the air-conditioners by rodents do not know the effect of “beran dinka” (Hausa word for black rat).

“You just don’t know the effect of this rat,” he told his interviewer, Mohammed Kabir Mohammed, on morning programme on Friday.

“People just don’t like the truth. If we did not reveal the actual situation, people will start making different insinuations.”

Mr Shehu also said there is zoo, bushy areas and some wild animals in the villa, from where the rats can sneak into the president’s office.

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