Trump repeat post

Trump wants to do to America what he did and does to his companies. America cannot afford Trump and his cohorts.

Trump uses other people’s money to build his assets and walk away from his debts. He has been bankrupt twice. And he has just uprooted the financial guard of his Goldman Sachs creditors. He compromises state security for his narrow and selfish interests. He has had three wives indicating is lack of personal commitments. He has no meaningful relationship to Tiffany, his daughter from second wife. He grabs women he has no relationship by their pussies.

One is aware that these were public knowledge on the date of the election and were baked into the decision to still vote for him to achieve his electoral victory and the presidency.

However, Election Day is not an end point but a point in the democratic process. The continuous attack on the institutions of state is not an election mandate and cannot be an election mandate. The only means of doing so is to act outside of the constitutional framework, in effect a coup and that’s not how Mr Trump sought and obtained power. He is therefore subject to the same constitutional constraints his predecessors endured.

The opposing forces must knock down and ensure that Mr Trump and his regime is a one term regime. His Vice President is equally odious both in his politics of destruction and religious warfare.


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