Ward by Ward: Little Thurrock Rectory

WE may be doing Little Thurock Rectory today as there has been a large fire on the Globe Estate. It reminded us of the area and its mix of industry and housing.

It is often one of those seats that Labour fancy their chances, the Conservatives worry a little bit about and then they retain it quite easily.

The team of Tom Kelly and Rob Gledhill have been a constant down there for some time. Council leader Rob Gledhill may be the better known but Tom Kelly has been known in the ward for quite a few years now.

Fair play to cllr Kelly. He chairs the planning committee without drama or controversy. Anyone who knows the history of that committee nknows that is quite some feat.

There are plenty of local issues that may get voters motivated but you once again get the feeling that it may all be about whether Tory voters stay at home or whether all voters stay at home or whether the whole darn thing has been exaggerated.

UKIP were close-ish in 2014 when they lost by just 139. Thy have a candidate again and so it will be interesting to see if there is a protest vote in any shape or form.

Russell Cherry was the Ukip and then Thurrock Independent councillor for Chadwell St Mary but he has moved to this ward. He might be doing the hard yards and working quietly on his own might Russell.

Labour may well produce a respectable but not spectacular poll. Once again, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate, John Kent may have an eye out for how many votes they poll.

YT Prediction: Cons Hold

Little Thurrock Rectory

Russell Cherry (Thurrock Independents)

Tom Kelly (Cons)

Neil Rivett (Ukip)

Les Strange (Labour)


Rob Gledhill (Cons): 842

Lawson Akhigbe (Lab): 486

Jay Hayers (TI): 200

Maj: 356


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