State assisted assault by a Nigeria senator

The senator sat by the checkout and did nothing and he was not evidently acknowledged.

Action started when he made a call and confirmed he was still waiting.

The policemen both uniformed and in civics arrived; the senator’s strength was awaken. His victim merely interceded by explaining why the world had not stood still while he was ranting. The lady who was his subject of attention was on her phone to her father, informing him of her pending arranged arrest by the police on the instigation of the senator.

That singular intervention brought the wrath of the senator on the interloper with a rain of slaps and verbal abuse.

The state in the form of the agents of law enforcement enabled the senator. Their intervention was to enforce the will of the senator not prevent his assault on his victim.

This was a state assisted assault on its innocent citizen by a public servant.

The tables was turned on the citizen. As an American rapper once rapped “the revolution shall be televised” we are seeing the first shots of that revolution and it’s been circuit televised.

This video doesn’t exist

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