Post Labour electoral loss.

The over egging of the Labour loss is akin to the analysis of the conservatives when they used the 2008 banking crisis to impose their ideological dogma to batter the poor and middle class to create a super rich class with the attendant political clot it enhanced for these people.

This is giving a dog a bad name to hang it. Corbyn as a person may have been odious to certain class of people and a bad politician, the aim to reset the economy for the benefit of many is as valid as it was before Mrs Becket’s indulgence brought the candidature of Corbyn to the fore and after the second longest suicide note in our political history.

The attention of the people is equal to a light fly and like Trump and Boris learnt is not to give grand plans but tweet-like manifesto. John Smith was about to do same to Labour with his pre election budget before his death and survival of the Labour chances in 1998.

The left must be shameless in offering little to broad strokes manifesto. People are only interested in headlines and moving on with other cyber activities. Remember John Prescott’s Labour promises on a business card. 


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