NHS worker in hazmat suit spotted going into Manchester university halls to examine student – who turned out ‘not to be at risk of coronavirus’ by Ashlie Blakey

An Oak House resident was examined, but staff were ‘content’ they were not at risk amid the COVID-19 outbreak

An NHS worker wearing a hazmat suit was spotted going into university hallsq in Manchester to examine a student – who turned out ‘not to be at risk of coronavirus’.

The Oak House resident was examined after a 111 call was made from The University of Manchester’s Fallowfield campus, a spokesman said.

The resident was later deemed ‘not to be at risk’ amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

A person in a hazmat suit was filmed entering a building on Tuesday (March 10).

An ambulance was also spotted at the scene.

The person seen to by NHS staff is believed to live in a flat in Beech Court, which is part of Oak House.

A paramedic in a hazmat suit outside Oak House student accommodation in Fallowfield

A spokesperson for The University of Manchester said: “Paramedics attended the scene following a 111 call.

“Having examined the resident, they are content that the person in question is not at risk of coronavirus.

“Ambulance staff have now left the site.”


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