How not to govern, Rivers State test case

The Rivers State Governor Mr Wike assumed office in May 2015, he claimed, and I accept, he had no co-operation from the preceding government of Rotimi Amechi. He therefore had no first hand knowledge of the state’s financial wellbeing. He had no idea of the capital projects commissioned, progressed or completed.

Less than a month in office the new governor felt the need to borrow N300 billion from the capital market and he wrote his desire to the PDP led House of Assembly. That House promptly approved the request by simple vote. That is the height of business as usual and abdication of responsibility by the House and abuse of process. There were no hearings on the terms of the loan, the need for the loan and assessing the debt profile of the state, the claimed capital project earmarked for the loan.

How did the governor and his government get the figure of N20B. What process will this huge amount be dispensed. How will the state pay. If the concurrent and statutory obligations of the state is not being met how does this improve the situation.

Remember the former governor upon taking office did a similar thing. He paid $150 million for the building of a new hospital within months of assuming office. When the contractor collected the money and the project failed, on national television, said he was not born a governor and described his error of judgement and wanton disregard for due process as teething problems. History does not repeat itself just silly men who occupy offices beyond their capacity.

The people of Rivers state do not get off on this matter. What have they done to impress on their representatives about not doing their jobs.


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