War songs in Edo state.

Factions cause chaos in the legislative branch of the Edo State government. Deputy speaker impeached, Speaker impeached, Assembly held in a non prescribed location, the House of Assembly made inaccessible, rule of law in free fall and members whose seats have been declared vacant reseat themselves and appoint a Speaker. The House of Assembly in limbo pending political and judicial movement. 

I greatly disagree with Governor Obaseki on his conduct in these matters. He is the lesser evil here.

Former Governor Oshiomhole is the main character here, who is orchestrating and motivating the war match in Edo state. He has somehow come to believe that Edo state goes through him and he alone must determine the direction of the state.

The reason, Oshiomhole must lose this fight is the emancipation of Edo state politics and governance from the cult of tin gods who think they have monopoly of wisdom and knowledge of the direction of the people of Edo state.

Oshiomhole is not big enough to aspire to such a status. He lacks the brain power for such a task, his feet is made of clay and it rains in Edo state. His napoleonic complex has misled him to his current impasse in the state.

Oshiomhole nominated and got appointed 80% of the political appointments both statewide and federal levels. The nomination process for election of members of Assembly was by orchestrated by Oshiomhole and once elected they formed a fifth column against the state governor.

All the current government officials declaring their support for Oshiomhole backed candidate were appointed for Obaseki by Oshiomhole. Their actions are calculated to inflict the most serious political damage to Obaseki. But you cannot be playing chess while your opponent is playing draughts.

Obaseki having had dinner with the devil now seeks to use the spoon of Edo people’s democratic rights to fight back. His attempt to rescue his government from Oshiomhole have been anti democratic and failure of his political acumen. Ultimately, Obaseki does not believe in politics and respecting of political norms. He thinks the process of achieving his performance for the people is irrelevant to the goods being delivered. But the process is as good as the goods hence it’s called a democratic process.

Obaseki was late in seeing the woods from the trees. Where was he when Oshiomhole was setting his foot soldiers all over his government and even at that bring them to his side. He did with his deputy why then fail with others.

Why did he allow Oshiomhole to take over his power of patronage. Oshiomhole gave government jobs and slots to enhance his hold at the expense of the sitting governor hence his upper hand and his misuse of same to the disadvantage of the people and governance of Edo state.

This is clear evidence that absolute power corrupts absolutely and Oshiomhole is absolutely corrupted.

Obaseki is on his own way to same orbit. How do you seek political office while declaring aberrance to the political space and players. The purpose of political power is of persuasion, of making people come your way for their benefit. The more people you have, the more you achieve your political aims. Obaseki is a total failure in this regard. He should have been a permanent secretary with a set task outside of politics even that is political as you need to persuade people to do what you want not force them but sell your aim and method. Obaseki like Buhari are caricatures of themselves, they think they are above all others and you must be mad not to see their minds on their faces.


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