Federal Character

Political analyst, Professor Pat Utomi says President Buhari can make all his political appointments from one village in the country as far as those he is bringing into office can get the job done

“Let’s get serious. Let’s get to move this country forward and away from all this small, petty issues. To me, it is not an important issue and I don’t want to deal with it. The President can appoint everybody from one village. As long as the people can get the job done, let them get it done. That is what Nigerians wanted and that is what they voted for,” he told Daily Independent.

Prof Utomi misses the point. You rule the country you have not the one you want. Nigeria is not Ghana. We are a country of various nations whose completing interests must be accommodated otherwise you have Iraq or Somalia. No sect of Nigeria has the monolog of wisdom or probity. We must learn and continue to learn how to harness all of our assets. The outcome is equally as important as the route to the outcome. The job will not get done if you create resentment. Prof. Utomi seeks to provide intellectual cover for unconstitutional actions which expressly provides that appointments must reflect federal character, you do not get federal character from one village in Katsina.


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