EMIR OF NIGERIA! By Hassan Mohammed

Abuja to Katsina – 510 Kilometers

Daura to Katsina – 83 Kilometers

But the man in Daura does not want his holiday disrupted. NOTHING; in fact, NO ONE will break this important holiday/break.

So, a team was arranged to travel 510Km from in Abuja to Katsina to “commiserate” with the Government and people of Katsina State over the abduction of kids in their boarding school in Kankara; since the 83km is too much of a bother at such important holiday.

The disrespect, the arrogance, the disdain for Nigerians, the feeling that he’s doing Nigeria and Nigerians a favour. The feeling that he owes no one any explanation for what is going on or what he is doing suggest that he did not expect to be a President. He should’ve been the King/Emir of Nigeria! And I’m not talking about competence or the lack of it. I’m talking about behaviour!

Déjà Vu!

Even his supporters know that this is not what they bargain for. That is why I stop engaging them. I’ve pity for some of them. But some are just like any cult of followers that care more about their hero than the country, they are just playing along and even disturbing the misrule. They are pained too.

Shame will not allow some of them to admit it. It is too much to bear. It is just the same madness we witnessed under Jonathan with his fans that is happening all over again. But at least, one respect Nigerians. The other doesn’t.


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