The ‘Greek’ Proposal to Goodluck Jonathan by Yemi Adebowale

The scheming by some supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari to have former President Goodluck Jonathan run on the platform of the All Progressives Congress for President in 2023 is progressing. One can safely say that it is now full blown, fuelled by power intrigues and permutations. Some of the APC governors behind the scheme turned out for Jonathan’s 63th birthday nine days ago. Yobe State Governor, Mai Mala Buni; Kebbi State Governor, Atiku Bagudu and Jigawa State Governor, Abubakar Badaru are top on the list.

For these schemers, Jonathan’s candidacy will satisfy the increasing clamour for power shift to the South-east. They want to mask him as an Igbo man. After all, he has “Ebele and Azikiwe” as part of his name. Jonathan is expected to be harmless to the interest of this group and that of the North, and as such, the right person to take over from Buhari. Again, Jonathan is a good product for these plotters because he would be entitled to just one term. So, power can shift to the North quickly. For these conspirators, Jonathan is a safe bet, very amiable gentleman, who will not rock the boat. He represents the shortest route for the north to regain power. They also say Buhari can trust him and that there is a growing friendship between them. Buhari is still struggling to recover from how Jonathan accepted defeat and handed over power to him in 2015. They say he would be so happy to hand back power to Jonathan.

Well, Jonathan has not responded to all these 2023 pressure. If I were him, I will reject this Greek gift and continue to enjoy my retirement in peace. This proposal is an attempt to ruin all that he has achieved. Jonathan is not an Igbo man and cannot be an Igbo man. He cannot take over the slot of the South-east. Honestly, Presidential power should rotate to the South-east for fair play and political inclusiveness. This country has been unfair to this region for so long and it should end in 2023. Jonathan should not allow himself to be used as a tool to scuttle the dreams of the South-east. Those offering him this Greek gift are just out to protect their selfish interest. The GEJ I know will most likely resist this temptation.


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