Amaechi and his doomed quest for Nigeria presidency

Amaechi is a certified lier. He lied on Channels TV to Seun, claiming he was not running and that his supporters should give him the money. He took Nigerians for mugs.

He throw his colleagues under the bus for his incompetent handling of the train service. He is not a team player, he was told by the ECN to get further information and materials for his security request, and he throw his toys out of pram, he failed and refused to comply. He then blamed his colleagues for not approving his fraudulent proposals for a small company to supply equipments worth billions of Naira.

He sited a university in Buhari’s village to corrupt this nomination process. He also without any economic value extended rail line to Republic of Niger again in a bow to Buhari’s real country.

His attitude is one of uncountability, he thinks he is above all and sundry. He is disloyal, PDP gave him his political life and yet discarded that party when it was convenient for him.

He totally failed to execute projects in Rivers state because of personal animosity with Wike. He is a thief, if he were not in the APC, both him and Orji Kalu would have been in Ikoyi prison.

Finally, He is just unlikeable and his unjustified smugness. He is on the take and on the run. Good riddance to his bad rubbish.


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