2015 elections

The Nigerian nation is hungry for something. Betterment of our lives, realisation of our potential as a great nation, providing guiding light to other African nations in particular and to the black race in general. When other races and nations are being nasty to us, we intone, it’s not your fault. If only Nigeria can get off its backside, We will not be here to be insulted.

Unfortunately, the current drivers of ship of state and those aspiring to drive our ship of state, lack the vision thing. None have made the effort to have the audacity of hope and to dream of a greater Nigeria. They have been modest about their ambition and actions for Nigeria and Nigerians. It maybe they are being modest because they have much to be modest about. They are donkeys seeking to lead a land of lions. The industry of Nigerians if harnessed, China and India have nothing on us.

Our elite have sought to beat the industry out of us. They have maimed our educational foundation, they have snapped our confidence as a people, they have imbibed into us the wrong ethical codes, we are uncertain. We are seeking salvation from the heavens as we have given up hope here on earth. The biggest growth industry in Nigeria today is the religion business. While others are investing in their education, industry and people, we are developing and exporting religious businesses. The more religious a society becomes the more backwards it drives. We are at pole position in our backward drive.

This election of 2015 will not provide the answers to the above paradigm we have found ourselves. The  Israelites did not listen to their Lord and he left them in the wilderness for forty years. We are as a people in the wilderness and our forty years journey has just began.

I do not know if this will happen in my life time but it will happen. Nigeria will raise and clam its place amongst the leaders of this world. We are a people blessed by God, our land is so blessed, our climate is blessed, our God is blessed. I hope and pray that our Moses is still in his crib and river Nile will not wash him or her down stream.

Have a safe and event free elections to elect seat warmers as they are poised to do every thing in their power to steer our ship of state in the wrong direction. As a friend once famously chanted, keep hope alive because one day not too far away we will have the audacity of hope and the urgency of now to improve our lives as a people and as a country.


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