Political debate 2015

Mr. Buhari said he was not ready to participate in the presidential debate with President Goodluck Jonathan, standing for re-election as the candidate of Peoples Democratic Party.

He argued that there is no basis for debate since the record of the PDP and Mr. Jonathan in government is public knowledge.

Mr Buhari misses the essentials of being a democrat which he now professes to being. One of the tenets of a viable democratic process is debate. The debate between the leading candidates was not going to be a monologue on one of the candidates but a dialogue on both candidates. The record and plans of the incumbent and the plans and record of the aspirant are subjects for the debate.

Either Mr Buhari is not fully bought into the democracy thing or fear of his record and or has no viable plans for the country which will take the examination of a debate. 

At this late stage I and other well meaning Nigerians will urge Mr Buhari to subject himself to the rigours of democracy.

This is my view


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