This is my first visit to the political capital of Nigeria, Abuja. It’s the most modern city of its kind in Africa. It’s downtown any place developed country. Well laid out and appointed with large buildings. The space is welcoming unlike other cities with the same function.

However, it’s like the builders built this fine city and then it got populated with Nigerians and the majesty was lost. There is a unique combination of the impatience of Southern sort and non driving ability of the northern sort. They have no idea of the effects of the traffic light system, it’s go all the way from green to red. The markings of lane division is merely decorative. A three lane road is reduced to two as the vehicles are driven with the dividing white lines between their vehicles. The only time, I saw traffic build up, drivers just moved from the road on to the pavement and to hell with people walking on the pavement.

The speed at which they drive towards an intersection is to be seen to be believed. These are people used to riding donkeys and given keys to vehicle and in amazement commence the act of trying to kill themselves and others.

When you enter the buildings you will notice that the country has oil money and unable to decide what to do with it. However, the finishing must have been contracted to Steve Wonder. The buildings again taken on the bad habit of enveloping fencing with barbed wires. The beauty lost to the on looker.

I went to the acclaimed best hotel and heard the piano playing entertainer luxuriating the visitors and guest to the sounds of God save the Queen. I guess if the gods are not prepared to save them, they meant as well save the Queen.

The airport as usual with all international airports in Nigeria, if you travel with a Nigerian passport, you will be the last to leave the immigration queue. They have two officers at the immigration desk, one to take your passport and another to return it to you. For the  foreign passport holder you are attended to by one immigration officer. I asked a supervising immigration officer why this curious arrangement. She explained, one officer is immigration officer and the other secret service officer. To check on departing and returning Nigerians as there was no need for such actions on the foreigners. Shame, what a shame.

This is my view

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