Contenders for commander in chief

I support Jonathan Goodluck, his knowledge, temperament, competence, track record and skills set for governor of Bayelsa State. The Nigerian state is beyond his knowledge, temperament, competence, track record and skills set. He is a good man promoted beyond his skills set, he is the Forrest Grump of Nigerian politics. He had no business being our head of state. His emergence and sustenance as our Leader is evidene of all that is wrong with our current political dispensation. Obasanjo has admitted that he engineered GEJ emergence into our national consciousness as vice president and fate took over. There is a Chinese saying, mind what you wish for or you might just get it. OBJ wanted Nigeria to regret not allowing him a third term and we will then come begging if it all fails. Woe will betide OBJ and his buyer’s remorse.

The tribal and sectionalist who see GEJ as an antidote to Northern hegemony are mistaken and using a bad actor for a good play. GEJ is not the question to our very good answer that Nigeria belongs to all and no section must have a god given right to misrule us. If Awolowo was our question than the answer will be right. Neither is a failed triballord coup plotter from the North a solution to GEJ. Buhari like GEJ is not our temporary solution. He lacks the right political acumen to lead a complex country like Nigeria. As HOS he failed to balance his ruling ticket. He failed to learn from that mistake, he did it again as a contestant. He balances his ticket either with people from his political geography or religion for a country as diverse as Nigeria. An unrepentant man in his 70s will never learn. He is merely competent and that’s not good enough. He has history which offends my democratic notions. He is happy to be political with a matter which threatens our national existence, even if instep with an incompetent HOS.

In 2015 we will again be forsaken by providence with our choices which are no choices really. Either will continue to lead us to stagnation and regression.

The fellowership equally leaves much to be desired. We are like sheep being led by their noses. We are betrayed by our missing courage and conviction that it can get better. Our collective abrogation of our duties to our gods is not evidence of faith but of a forsaken people.

This is my view

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