Sole administrator of Edo State

Is Obaseki the sole administrator of Edo state. How is he able to govern without the state executive council. He has been making pronouncements with financial implications. How are these expenditures authorised. 
Where is the House of Assembly. Where is the NBA Edo state chapter. Where are the law suits seeking clarification from the Judiciary about the current governor and his lack of cabinet. 
When Obaseki won his legal case against Ize-Iyamu, and asked on national TV why months after his victory he still did not have a cabinet. He claimed as Buhari, to be setting up process and had requested local governments in the state to forward nominees for screening. 
This is an APC to APC administration and its breath taking that while planning to run for office and given the opinion polls an easy ride at the polls, nothing informed Obaseki to commence enquires into how his administration will pan out. 
The Nigerian Observer, the mouthpiece of the government have been rolling out memos from this governor. No critical questions on why we have a sole administrator. One would have thought he would retain his former colleagues as commissioners while seeking to replace them with his own crew in order to run a constitutional sound government. 
The APC is turning out both at national and state levels not to be a political party as defined. They seem to be a collection of independent office holders. There are no pre elections plans for government and when they reach office discard the party like a parachute and go their merry way. 
This is an APC government not Obaseki government and there is a difference. The compliant HOA is controlled by members of the APC. Yet we have a situation where the state has no executive council. 
Even states in emergency like Borne state have a state executive council. How can Obaseki reach the lofty goals he claims on behalf of APC be achieved without the constitutional organs of state. 
We now have a legal precedent in Nigeria, a governor was jailed for not following due process in dispensing state funds. All and any funds dispensed without formal approval by the state executive council is potentially without due process. 
We have an Oba of Benin we have not elected an Oba of Edo state.


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